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About this Site

This site was born to made tribute to a very beautiful woman (both inside and outside): Bebe Buell. She has had an amazing life being a Rock Muse, model, musician and writer, and I decided to show all the world her amazing life. Maybe today young people know about her as Liv Tyler's mum.

All the pictures have been colected from different websites (check the LINKS for great sites) or magazines. I just share them, I do not claim them as my own, they belong to their owners. I do not consider I 'steal' the pics, I credit them and also their photographers (when I know them) and also they can be found in magazines, newspapers, books, TV... However, if you find a pic that you know it's YOURS and want to be removed, please contact me. I just want to show the world as many Bebe pics as they are. This site is only for entertainment and fun.
I use the pics by kind permission of lovely Bebe Buell herself, but she asked me to protect them, so if you want any pic ask me first.
Behind this site there is a lot of hardworking, so if you take anything, please, credit me.

Feel free to sign the guestbook (please, be polite!) and come back soon as many times as you want! Hope you enjoy the site!


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I would like to give a *VERY SPECIAL THANKS* to Bebe Buell herself for being such a great inspiration and muse. Also, I would like to give a *VERY BIG THANK YOU* to my girls: Giorgia, Leith, 'Groupie Page', Beverly and 'Miss Louah' for sharing their collection of pics. Love you ladies! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥