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1978/84 Elvis Costello

On June 1978 Bebe began a passionate but volatile affair with Elvis Costello, who was married at the time. The relationship ended within a year when Elvis decided to go back to his wife. The relationship continued on and off until February 1984. Bebe explains: ?Believe it or not, Elvis is one of the kindest, most considerate men I?ve ever met. He?s not surly, he?s just shy, and he?s had a hard time dealing with success. He was so used to being rejected that he didn?t know how to deal with people when they started to like him". ?We were like a rock ?n? roll Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart ? all mad love and respect, the debutante and the rock ?n? roll geek. Elvis treated me like a princess ? breaking with him was the biggest hurt I?ve ever had.? In her book, Bebe claims to have aborted his child, and really regrets it.
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