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1979/81 Stiv Bators

On August 1979 they met. In November 2008 issue of "Soundcheck Magazine" Bebe Buell explains: "Stiv was a wonderful boyfriend, my favourite. I knew Stiv before the drugs. He did some crazy stuff in the Dead Boys, he had his nutty persona. But when I started dating Stiv in 1979, he was still pretty untouched by the poisons. He was a Midwestern boy with those values deep down. Stiv was my favourite house guest, meticulously tidy. He was good with my Liv and he managed to charm my very conservative family. He just had a way." In the book "Please Kill Me" (p. 426) Bebe is quoted saying: "Upon his death, Stiv wanted to be cremated and then he wanted all of his close friends to do a line of his ashes. And a few people did. Caroline Bators did and said it was really painfull, so she said to me, `You don`t have to snort yours`, and I was like, `Thank you`. I think Stiv would understand. I didn`t look at it, I just folded the paper it was in and put it in a heart-shaped box."
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